Women During The Progressive Era Essay

Women During The Progressive Era Essay

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Women In the Progressive Era
In today’s times, women are more equal to men than they ever have been, even though differences like the wage gap exist. However, the rights of women have come a long way since even as little as a hundred years ago. How is this possible? Women have fought – and won – against the inequalities that they have faced. Powerful women like Carrie Chapman Catt, Ida Wells-Barnett, and Jane Addams who fought diligently during the Progressive Era in order to close the vast gap between men and women. It is because of these women, and so many others, that so many reforms came about since the Progressive Era.
Carrie Chapman Catt, perhaps one of the busiest women in her era, was an adamant believer of universal voting rights for women. She was the founder and president of many different organizations, including replacing Susan B. Anthony as the president of the National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA) from 1900-1904, the founder of the International Woman Suffrage Alliance (IWSA) which helped gain support for women’s suffrage on a global scale, cofounded the Women’s Peace Party (WPP) with Jane Addams in 1914, which denounced the war and asked the neutral countries in Europe to be a referee for the countries at war, and founded the League of Women Voters (LWV) in 1920, just six months before the ratification of the nineteenth amendment, which granted women with the right to vote. The League of Women Voters is in fact still active to this day and prepares women for careers in electoral offices. During her time, she argued that granting women the right to vote would be beneficial for everyone. Catt claimed that the government was in dire need of women’s suffrage as the women could override the votes...

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...g the first world war, where she, along with Carrie Chapman Catt, founded the Women’s Peace Part, which was later turned into the WOmen’s International League for Peace and Freedom. This organization sympathized with Germany, attacked the severe conditions of the Treaty of Versailles, and supported Wilson’s League of Nations. These actions made her an enemy of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Furthermore, like Ida Wells-Barnett, she opposed violence inflicted upon the people of color. These reasons are why Jane Addams is one of the most well-known reformers of the Progressive Era.
In short, the Progressive Era was a very prosperous time for many reforms, especially the movement for women’s suffrage. A majority of the credit belongs to these women and many others like them. If not for them, women might not have earned their suffrage rights in 1920, if at all.

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