Women And The Salem Witch Trials Essay

Women And The Salem Witch Trials Essay

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Women And The Salem Witch Trials
Puritans believed in the devil and his role as strong as they believed in God and his role. For many centuries, Puritans had the idea that the weakest individuals in society often committed diabolical acts and sins. Furthermore, Satan selected the most vulnerable individuals to do his bidding, among these individuals, women were often held responsible for many sins, including witchcraft. (Godbeer 12). According to Richard Godbeer, in his book, The Salem Witch Hunt, “it was Eve who first gave away to Satan and seduced Adam.” (Godbeer 12). In 1692, witchcraft became a panic among Puritan society. Even though both men and women were accused of witchcraft, women were seventy-six percent more likely to be accused in Salem than men. (Godbeer 12). Puritan society was a male dominate society and men looked down upon women. There were two particular reasons to why women were often accused of being witches. The first reason, was in due to the Puritan belief that women were the source of evil. The second reason was because of certain events that associated with accusations. These events were being of relatively low social status and income, being rich or financially independent and being a midwife or nurse.
The church and Christian beliefs had a very large impact on the Puritan religion and lifestyle. According to discovery education, “Church was the cornerstone of the mainly Puritan society of the 17th century.”( Douglas 4). Puritan laws were intensively rigid and people in society were expected to follow a moral strict code. And because of Puritans and their strict moral codes, any act that was considered to go against this code was considered a sin and deserved to be punished. In Puritan theology, God h...

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...147). Women were often tortured for a confession, and to stop the torment and pain inflicted on them, many women accused other women in order to save themselves.
In conclusion, Puritans looked down upon woman, thus women were always the accusation of many evil and sins. Whether it was Puritan teachings or events associated with the accusations of women, people wanted to blame women for what was taking place. Puritan teachings, were the uproar of all the negative assumptions society had against women. Furthermore, the events and accusations that took place reflected the way men acknowledged women. Men were considered the superior gender and women were created just to elevate men’s role in society, and nothing else. If a woman, was to stand equal to a man that would defy her very role in existence, and so the role of a woman was never acknowledged in Puritan society.

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