Wilfred Owens 's Work Of War Essay

Wilfred Owens 's Work Of War Essay

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The deafening sound of shelling and the rattling of gun fire seeing your fellow brother fall before your feet the grim life to live during World War One. Wilfred Owens, another man thrown into a war in the nation’s time of need. Many would clam up and keep to themselves after the war, but not Wilfred. He was a renounced poet, and while he was bunkered down from gunfire or shelling, he found time to write his experiences and the poetry everyone has to come to know. He wrote much of his poetry on the stance of the war and the horrors of being in the middle of it. He has written many plays and poems, many of which were in the trenches bunkering down and in a hospital. His journal full of his work of war was also filled with nature and life itself within the pages of poetry. His poetry, being mostly from the time he was at war, is not the only pieces he had written in his lifetime.
Wilfred Owens, born on the 18th of March 1893 in England growing up with three siblings. He had two sisters and a brother one in which served in the military as well. Wilfred became obsessed with writing poetry after being inspired by romantic poets. During his younger years he wrote some poetry, but he did not start experimenting with writing until he was seventeen. At this point in his life, he was going to school at Birkenhead institute and continued his studies at a technical school. Once he was done with school, the tragic event of war broke out throwing the able bodied man into the turmoil. Thus he set out to the front lines living day to day fearing for the sharp pain of a bullet or the suffocation from gas, but through it all Wilfred pushed on writing the experiences into poems and plays. Although he was from the beautiful world of colorful f...

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...ere, “the shooting of Archduke Ferdinand sett off the chain of event leading to World War One” (Bender 17) throwing the world into chaos. The alliances pulled countries to war calling Owens to serve during the turn of the century. With this turn of events “new technologies were introduced including machineguns, fighter planes, and chemicals gas”( Bender 18) ever soul feared. No doubt with the new technologies of war death was dealt swift and with a heavy hand killing many in slow, cruel was. In fact many countries suffered “Russia falls to revolution, Germany loses the war, and France loses seventy three percent of it army” (Bender 22) due to this war. Among those casualties was Wilfred after all the years of watching men die around him he is put to rest to early in life. Nobody denies the war is reflected in his poems many scholars notice and write about his pieces.

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