Why We Must Help People On A Micro Level Essay

Why We Must Help People On A Micro Level Essay

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I often hear people say “I want to change the world!” but they are not always quite sure about how they will accomplish it. When looking at myself; I can’t deny the fact that I have also used the sentence mentioned above at some point in my life. We tend to see all the social problems that are occurring across the world like; war, terrorism, poverty, starvation and diseases. But sometimes you cannot help the macro level of people; you cannot help everyone that is suffering on our planet. But what you can do is that you can simply help people on a micro level; you can help individuals that surround you on an everyday basis. People tend to think that the society should solve all the problems; that the authorities should take action and do something. We are in the habit of looking at others and we forget to look at ourselves because we don’t think that we can make a difference if we are alone. The problems we see around us seem too big to be able to approach. But if we would all change our attitudes and ask ourselves; “what can I do to make a difference?” the world would slowly become a better place for all of us.
Caring for someone is a way of helping someone; in my family we have always been very caring towards our family members, friends and people around us. I have been raised in that way that if I see an individual in need, I feel the desire to help them. I want to tell you some things that my parents did while I was growing up that taught me that it does not take a lot of money to help someone; although, it takes a lot of dedication, patience, sacrifice and warmth to do so.
I live in a family of four with my mother, father and one year older sister. We are a middle class family from Sweden who with both my...

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...s regarding the family and how you treat women. I am not sure that I would be able to accept the ways that some of the men are treating their women. Although, the Syrian women seem to accept it and in that case there is not a lot that I can do about it.
The Swedish society is very equal and the gender inequality gap is decreasing every year. Men overall treat women very good in Sweden, of course there are exceptions, but in general women are being treated fairly well. Same goes for my family; my parents have always showed respect towards each other and to us children. Although, I know that this is not always the case for the Syrian families. Women are not being treated equally where they come from and children might be disciplined in ways that my values do not agree with. This is something that I am going to find challenging when dealing with families and children.

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