Why The Government Is Allowed Their Own Personal Belief System Essay

Why The Government Is Allowed Their Own Personal Belief System Essay

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The government is allowing their own personal belief systems to influence marriage legislation, which in turn is being prescribed as law to a predominantly unwilling Australian population. When analysed further, the truth behind this claim can be traced back to Australia’s 25th Prime Minister, John Howard, who on many occasions labeled Australia as a "Christian" nation (Maddox, 2011). Despite the fact that Australia’s religious affiliation records support that a majority of the population recognise themselves as Christians (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2007), the statistical evidence of the majority cannot be assumed generalisable for all of Australian society. While the government does have the right to positive liberty, or in other words, the freedom to express their religious beliefs freely and without consequence, the Australian population is entitled to negative liberty, that is, freedom from religion if they so chose. Despite this entitlement, Australians are unable to practice this freedom, due to the government’s attempts to overregulate the private matter of marriage and dictate their views to the minority who wish to either marry their same sex partner, and/or achieve marriage equality.

Giulia Gillard is also culpable of contributing to the overregulation of marriage and has reportedly stated that “Our Christian beliefs” are “our way of life” as “God is a part of our culture” (Tschannen, 2012), thus fueling the claims previously made by Howard. This claim is further strengthened by our current Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who has been accused of being “a hyper-Catholic…homophobic, sexist populist” for his attempts to “impose his idiosyncratic religious views on an unwilling public”(Aly, 2013). Abbott has never tried...

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...ir relationships are inferior. Restricting marriage from homosexual couples will continue to promote prejudice and intolerance towards a select group of individuals who otherwise are expected to contribute to society in the exact same ways as heterosexuals. The extension of marriage rights to same sex couples will not alter any single aspect of heterosexual marriage in any direct or indirect way, however it has the potential to greatly influence the lives of those in the homosexual community. Many people, especially teenagers struggle with their sexuality, and the message that would come with the legalization of same sex marriage would greatly support the vulnerable members of the gay community. By denying homosexuals the right to marriage we are saying that it is not acceptable to be gay, which is completely untrue, as it is no more a choice than being heterosexual.

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