Why The American Dream Can Be Achieved By Education, Opportunity, And Hard Work

Why The American Dream Can Be Achieved By Education, Opportunity, And Hard Work

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The American dream can be achieved by education, opportunity, and hard work, but is this is not a reality, but just merely a dream. Opportunity in American feels as if everyone has a fair chance of being successful. In America, it seems that the idea of everyone has a fair chance to opportunity. But this is not the case, in Gregory Mantsios essay “Class In America-2012” he talks about how there are many myths that are wide spread about the differing classes in America. Then he further goes on disproving the widely proclaim myths with stats that show in real world the gap between the wealthy one percent of the population owning 36 percent of the capital in comparison to the 99 percent of Americans in the U.S. For the purpose of this essay, the film Trading Places will be used to show the difference between classes and the distribution of wealth in America. The film Trading Places showcases the many misconceptions in America about opportunity being fair for everyone and the people become successful from hard work as well as how the media influences Americans of a falsified hope of having a shot at being the upper class level status the one percent.
The idea that America is governed by the middle class is a misconception since the majority of the decision that is being made come from the wealth of the one percent. According to Mantsios in his essay “Class in America-2012” he says that only one percent of the total Americans holds 36 percent of the nation’s capital (380). This means that only small amount of people hold a tremendous amount of money compare to the rest of the nation (the 99 percent). What this says about the American society is that the people with the most power in making decision comes from the upper class the one p...

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...ll make tons of money effortlessly.
The myth behind having a chance of opportunity in America is nearly impossible to achieve since the wealth one percent does not want everyone to have the power, while the media furthers their agenda but giving the American people a fairy tale mindset of having a chance of becoming the upper class. American is supposed to be the land of opportunity and equality, yet this cannot be accomplished when the one percent holds all the power at their fingertips. The media itself can be seen as a powerful motivator of becoming a success story, but in reality chances of becoming the upper class or the one percent are “slim to none”. In all actuality, the American people should have the same opportunity as the wealth upper class do. Yet this cannot happen until the wealth releases their death grip of power to the lower class American citizens.

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