Essay on Why Student Does Not Have A Support System Present?

Essay on Why Student Does Not Have A Support System Present?

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If the student does not have a support system present, they must try and adapt and overcome in a totally new environment. This can be further complicated by the proficiency of English spoken by the immigrating student. If given the opportunity many school offer English as a second language but due to budget cuts far less programs are available. With gaps in finances many turn to loans or employment to help bridge the gap for them. Loans can often put one in massive amounts of debt that can be difficult to pay off. Working can further stress a student who is attempting to adapt to new conditions.
The support circles of foreign students are limited on a case by case basis. If students have dependents then they can be stranded in an area amongst foreigners. While some have previous friends and family that have come ahead of them establishing a warm and welcoming community, some students are taking the journey on their own with no familiar faces around. “International students, upon relocation to a foreign country, undergo a major life event which can cause distress that can potentially affect their mental health.” (Sharma MBBS) Often times, these students only introduction to other students is the casual conversation during lecture in the class room. Being removed from traditional methods of human connection can add to this undo mental strain. It is a courtesy to these students to be patient and friendly. Very few native students have considered or been exposed to the difficulties these international students will face in their desire to attain knowledge and a certified education that would be recognized internationally.
The next aspect of this adventure is discovering access to this information. Foreign students can find a litan...

... middle of paper ... in Ohio State’s case the international student surcharge is classified as a $500 per semester fee). Other Big Ten universities that have begun charging $500 per semester fees to international undergraduates in recent years include Michigan State and Pennsylvania State Universities. In 2013, the University of Minnesota at Twin Cities introduced a new $125 per semester academic services fee for international undergraduates on top of an existing $145 per semester international student administrative fee.”(Redden) public universities are at a difficult time in terms of the staff they can accommodate and the money they can get from the state. This crisis is deepening, and universities are turning to new ways to drive tuition. The possibility of charging a student more; albeit not a streamline answer may be the port in a storm the education system needs to stay afloat.

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