Why School Is Something That Children Do At A Young Age? Essay

Why School Is Something That Children Do At A Young Age? Essay

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Going to school is something that children do at a young age. The idea of school is ingrained into children at as early as six weeks of age in a daycare. As the child grows older they enter elementary school, middle school, and then high school. Within the schools there are students, administrative staff, nurses, volunteers, and of course teachers. Then questions are asked. What really is the purpose of school? How can a teacher gain student’s attention when they are thinking about things outside of school? How are the students different from one another? What determines between a good and bad teacher? How can character be successfully be integrated into schools? These are a few questions that were addressed in the book You Can’t Teach Through a Rat. Teachers need to realize their importance in the society and what a great impact they make in the future and the success of their students.
Future teachers and teachers of today can gain an enormous amount of useful insight on teaching and an interesting perspective on today’s school systems by reading You Can’t Teach Through a Rat. One important idea addressed by the author Marvin W. Berkowitz is what characteristics make up the best teachers. I feel that for students to be successful the teacher must not only have good characteristics, but also have a passion for their job and always want to improve their teaching methods. One of the characteristics that Berkowitz believes makes a teacher successful is they build personal relationships with the students. In my opinion, this is the foundation for a student to succeed in any classroom. When a teacher builds a relationship with a student, the teacher can better understand their home life and the personality of the student. As Berkowit...

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...ork to enhance their character education programs.
You Can’t Teach Through a Rat is one of the most interesting and intuitive books I have read about education. I found that I gained extensive knowledge on what I hope to become as an educator. This book not only opened my eyes to how to be a successful educator, but also insight of how students feel within the school setting. I feel like I have a better understanding of the variety of students that will walk through my classroom door and also how to handle a classroom with a great amount of diversity. From this book I have learned about successful ways to teach and promote character, the necessity of improvisation in the classroom, what it means to be a role model and most importantly how to allow my future students get the most out of school year possible by being a teacher with the best teaching characteristics.

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