Essay Why Penn Mart Is Helping Promoting Healthier Employees

Essay Why Penn Mart Is Helping Promoting Healthier Employees

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In the memorandum there were many instances in which these conflicts were displayed. The memorandum stated that the growth in benefit costs is unacceptable. The cost is driven by causes like a gaining workforce with an increase in the average tenure. This indicates that employees are staying longer however they are the reason for the increase. Another statement was made in stating that the least healthy, least productive employees are more satisfied when it comes to benefits. It also states that they are interested in longer careers with the company. This indicates that the least healthy employees are happy with the company as it is. However, the changes to the benefits could change their feelings. These statements could make it seem as if Penn-Mart is trying to promote healthier employees in order to lower benefits.
Descriptive Assumptions
The fifth step in analyzing the memorandum is finding descriptive assumptions. Asking the Right Questions defines descriptive assumptions as “an unstated belief about how the world was, is, or will become.” (Browne & Keeley, 2015, p. 68) I was able to locate a few descriptive assumptions. The descriptive assumptions are the gaps between the conclusion and reasons. In this memorandum I was able to identify a few descriptive assumptions. A descriptive assumption is that this wellness program will make a significant positive impact on the health care cost. Another is that the name “Get Well” will make employees accept and participate in the program. There is also an assumption that employees will be satisfied with the program. These are assumptions made based on the descriptions provided in the memorandum. There is no indication that these statements will happen. They are all linked and supporte...

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...grams more. Inceintives could be offered to get people to want to participate. If the objective of the wellness program is to make employees more aware of their health status, then push the program but do not make it mandatory. All of these are reasonable conclusions from the memorandum. They each present an alternative conclusion that can be found by the information given in the memorandum.
In conclusion Asking the Right Questions provided an 11 step procedure in order to analyze the memorandum. Using these steps I was able to identify the issue and conclusion. I then was able to determine the reasons and find the ambiguity. After that I was able to find the value assumptions/conflict, the descriptive assumptions, and the fallacies. Finally I was able to determine good evidence, the rival cause, deceptive statistics, omitted information, and reasonable conclusions.

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