Why Lincoln Was A Good Man Essay

Why Lincoln Was A Good Man Essay

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Lincoln lived through a very controversial time because he had the power to either end or continue slavery. Lincoln developed multiple opinions on the topic of slavery throughout his lifetime as his political positions changed. We can track the change in Lincolns views on slavery If we focus on the period of his life in between the First Inaugural and the Second Inaugural. In order to trace Lincolns journey from his First Inaugural Address to his Second Inaugural Address, we must first look at his life before the First Inaugural Address, so that we can understand the type of person he is.
Abraham Lincoln was a good man that had the best interest for all people in mind whenever he made a decision. We can see that Lincoln was a good man though some of his earliest speeches. In Lincolns speech to the Washington Temperance Society, he comments on how it is necessary for drunkards to have proper support. Lincoln begins by talking about how the people who are supposed to be supporting the drunkards are only doing it for self-interest, which has caused the issue to continue to exist. He then moves on to the solution, which is to have the friends of the drunkards take an oath of temperance because it will put a peer pressure on the drunkards to stop drinking. He does this by saying he says, “Those whom they desire to convince and persuade, are their old friends and companions. They know they are not demons, nor even the worst of men.” (Address to Temperance Society, pg.36) Instead of given up on the drunkards like everyone else did Lincoln looked for a method to help them. From this, we can see that Lincoln is the type of person who wants to help people, not tear them down. These values can be seen in Lincoln throughout his lifetime.

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...the negro is inferior to the white, in the gifts of nature; is it not exact reverse justice that the white should, for that reason, take from the negro, any part of the little which is given him? ‘Give to him that is needy’ is the christian rule of charity; but ‘Take from him that is needy’ is the rule of slavery.” (On Pro-Slavery Theology, pg.175) Lincoln says that the fact that the white race is superior to the black race doesn’t justify the practice of slavery. He believes that since the white race is superior to the black race than the white race should help the black race survive by supporting them rather than forcing them to work. Although Lincoln now believes that the white race is superior to the black race he still doesn’t personally agree with slavery. We can see that Lincolns opinions on both slavery and racial equality have changed from his earlier views.

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