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Why Leaders Cannot Change Their Style Essays

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Individual Essay:
“Leaders cannot change their style. Discuss.”


Leader is defined as a person that leads a person or a group of people. In Great Man theory, some individuals are born or by force of personality reach positions of influence so that they can dominate the directions of others (Buchanan et al, 1997). Those leaders are born to have the ability to take up the leadership positions in any situations. Leadership styles are behaviors displayed by a leader when they encounter both followers and change (Mclaurin & Amri, 2008).

Nowadays, organizational change has a serious implication for the survival of an organization (Furst & Cable, 2008). Change is critical, necessary, and has becomes a key factor to win the game.

It is often argued that change is difficult for most people, and people are resistant to change because it is so deeply entrenched in humans’ brains (Kotter & Cohen, 2002). In Contingency Theory, Fiedler argued that leadership style is fixed and cannot be changed as leaders’ behaviors only fit to a particular situation, which is linked to their own personality traits.

On the other hand, leaders are classified to be agents of change. A change agent is one who actually causes the change to begin in a person and may be the change leader (Zaleznik, 2004). Effective leaders understand have skills to manage the change process. Path-Goal Theory and Situational Theories (Hersey-Blanchard) support leaders can change upon the change in situations.

In this essay, agreements and disagreements to “Leaders cannot change their style” will be deeply looked at and different models will be discussed in details as follow.


Organizational change is becoming increasingly i...

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...ange facilitator style, Regent University.

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