Why I Don 't A Person Back From The Dead Essay

Why I Don 't A Person Back From The Dead Essay

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Things were going surprisingly well, Gemma thought, considering what they were trying to do: bring a person back from the dead, make another person actually exist. To be honest, Parker did all the work. Even Thorin did more than her, because he had to constantly fake amnesia and pretend that he understood a whole bunch of stuff that he definitely did not. For her part, Gemma just had to act emotionally and mentally damaged. Not that hard: she’d had lots of practice, and it really wasn’t an act. So long as she didn’t get frustrated and flip her shit with the psychiatrists, she was in the clear.
Gemma woke that morning to find Parker pacing back and forth across her hospital room, talking into his phone. Well, maybe talking wasn’t the word for it. Shouting was a better fit. “Yes, I understand that it’s a difficult situation. That’s exactly why I don’t think you should come down her and talk to her.... Like what? What do you think she’s done?! This is a woman who has devoted her entire being to the Bureau and got the short end of the stick more times than one person ever deserves because of it. She’s got a fantastic track record, better than most, and she’s more than proven herself…. No, I don’t think you understand the implications! You should be worried about yourselves, if anything. It was internal affairs and the psych division who wrongly cleared her for active duty…. Of course she would! She’d a field agent; all they want to do is get the hell off the bench whenever they’re on it! And I know for a fact that she thought she was well enough. The psych department assured her that she was…. Well, they’re the doctors, it’s their goddamn job, not hers…. It’s not my job either! ...Yeah, worry about a full investigation into your depar...

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... me. –Thorin.
A few hours later, Parker returned with another note, this time written on note paper.
Oh don’t be stupid, of course I’m keeping you around. We’ll get through this like always. I worry about you. Your whole life has been ripped away, and I know you said not to blame myself, but I do. It was the only way to save you, but did you want to be saved? I feel that as a partner, I am failing you because I’m not with you. When I am alone, although it hasn’t been often over the past few days, I feel very sad. I miss everyone. But they were more your family than they were mine, and so your grief must be even worse. I’m going to sneak out to your room as soon as I get a chance.
She didn’t bother to sign her name this time, just drew a little heart. Thorin smiled somewhat sadly, and scrawled a note in return. Parker rolled his eyes, but took it nonetheless.

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