Why Dodge Is Better than Aother Leading Brands Essay example

Why Dodge Is Better than Aother Leading Brands Essay example

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Dodge was the best selling truck in 2009, so why not own a Dodge? Chevys aren't comfortable for the passengers in the vehicle. Fords aren't the best selling vehicles in 2009 because they didn't have as many good accessories or as much power as the Dodge does. The Dodge is the best selling truck in 2009 because they are comfortable and they provide excellent storage for tools or baggage; proving to be a great work truck. Dodge is a better choice than other leading brands because they are more dependable and have better appearance and power.
The upside of owning a Chevy is that they are built on a solid structure, they have brisk acceleration, and they have great suspension. The Chevy in 2009 has a GMT 900 chassis, with its hydroformed frame rails, this setup is still a solid foundation, and it gives the Chevy an edge in pavement handling. The seats that they put in Chevys weren't comfortable in 2009. In the back seat in the Chevy you could fit 3 people but not comfortably because the seats in the Chevy aren't as big as the ones in Dodge or Fords. The Chevy truck would start to idle rough after about 75,000 miles, and the transmission shifted rough through the gears. Chevy wasn't the best selling truck in 2009 because of all its issues. In the Chevy their is not as much leg room. The Chevy did not have many accessories but it did come with a GPS. Chevy had many problems including the throttle body that failed often, the window motors would go out, the truck would not function properly all the time.Fords are better than Chevys for many different reasons and here are some of the reasons.
The upside of owning a Ford is that almost all of the features of the truck is good. Another upside is that the back seat is huge and comfortable. Fo...

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...has way more space for when you go on long road trips. The reason people do not decide to buy Chevy truck over Ford or Dodge trucks is because they are not as comfortable, they're not as roomy, and they do not look as good as Dodges and Fords. Most people would look to buy a Dodge over a Ford to because Fords do not have the most comfiest seats and they do not have as much storage or leg room. Dodges pros outweigh its cons so there is no reason why not to own a Dodge. Dodge is much more comfortable than Ford or Chevy so buy a Dodge and do not get sore when you drive because driving is supposed to be fun.

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