Why Do Girls Want to Look Good? Essay

Why Do Girls Want to Look Good? Essay

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Right from your hair, skin, face, clothes, and accessories, to your shoes everything is important. How thin or fat are you. The personality, way you interact with others, the way you carry yourself. When asked 3 top things that attribute to looking good, hair features 95% of the time. Some concentrated mostly on their face, skin and greater importance on clothes. But 95% felt that maintaining your hair is a foremost aspect of looking good.
When talking about hair they like their hair straightened, latest hair styles/different ways of tying hair, and hair cuts are also important aspects apart from the quality, texture etc.

• Looking Good has become a MISSION
These girls have made looking good their mission. Each and every girl wants to look good and is making an extra effort to look good. Someone even said what the point of living is if you don’t look good. Girls feel that first impression is the last impression.

• Fear of being judged basis looks
They also said that first you are judged basis your looks and talking com...

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