Essay about Why Childhood Vaccinations Should Ensure The Health Of All People

Essay about Why Childhood Vaccinations Should Ensure The Health Of All People

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In 2012, a woman gave birth to a healthy baby girl, the writer’s sister. She expected the next few months to be tiresome yet joyful. The newborn’s first two weeks at home were seemingly perfect when at 16 days old the baby girl started to have seizures. After rushing to the hospital, and seeing her newborn being kept alive by life support, the new mother got disheartening news; the baby had pneumococcal meningitis which had turned into encephalitis (swelling of the brain). The baby’s future looked grim as she had minimal brain activity. After four months in the hospital, two of which being on life support and only a 10% chance of surviving her first birthday, the little girl finally went home. Because the writer’s sister was too young for the pneumococcal vaccination, her fragile body relied heavily on the health of other people. This little girl’s story is a strong example as to why childhood vaccinations will ensure the health of all people, including those who are unable to be vaccinated due to medical reasoning and those who are immune compromised.
The writer’s sister recently celebrated her fifth birthday, but it was not a typical birthday celebration. The little girl’s birthday consisted of her sitting in her wheelchair and not knowing of the activities that surrounded her. Because of the pneumococcal meningitis, she now has quadriplegic cerebral palsy (extreme irreversible brain damage). She will never walk, never talk, and never understand the life around her. The little girl getting sick could have been avoided by a simple vaccination.
Understanding how vaccinations work is crucial in understanding why it should be mandatory for every person to be up to date on their vaccinations. Vaccines help establish immunity by mim...

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...ld be to introduce a medical-exemption only plan. This would diminish the number of exempt children and those parents using the exemption as a loophole, in turn reducing the number of disease outbreaks.

Figure 1"Local Statistics," AshlandChild, 2013,

Those who choose not to vaccinate, choose to focus on the minimal short term discomfort of their children, and the false claims and rumors that they presume to be true before consulting a medical professional. Rather, they should think about the long-term health consequences that could follow if their children contract a deadly disease. Not only should they think about the health of their own children, but also the health of the children and the people surrounding them. It is the responsibility of the people to ensure the health and wellness of those that surround them.

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