History of The Mumps Virus

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The Mumps virus seems to have been around since ancient times. Research says that the virus has been documented or recorded by the Hippocrates in 5th century BCE (Mumps Epidemiology and Prevention of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases). We give credit to Johnson and Goodpasture for helping determine how the virus is spread. This particular virus has been and still is known worldwide but became a reportable disease in the United States in 1968. The history behind the Mumps is not very detailed but today we are able to prevent this disease here in the US.
The structure of the Mumps is a single stranded RNA virus. Its genus is the Rubulavirus which is part of the Paramyxoviridae family . The Mumps virus is an acute virus that could become very harmful if not treated. Although it is not very prevalent in the United States anymore when outbreaks happen things can become very serious very quickly. Of course these outbreaks come from natural occurrences of people who have not been vaccinated (which will be discussed later) and have never had the disease. In earlier years the mumps virus mostly occurred in babies and children and also within the military but now if there is an occurrence, it is mostly found in adults.
In order to be infected with the mumps virus one must be in direct contact with it . The virus is spread though salivary and respiratory secretions of its host which are humans (Marjorie, K.C.). Whether though kissing or through droplets of a simple sneeze the virus is spread very easily and is also very contagious. Once infected with the virus the normal nonspecific symptoms begin to occur such as headaches, malaise and muscle pain. Only after about 16-18 days will you see specific symptoms such as parotitis whic...

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...careful and to know the symptoms because waiting too long could have serious and harmful effects.

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