Why Asking For A Job Applicant 's Facebook Password Is Fair Game Essay

Why Asking For A Job Applicant 's Facebook Password Is Fair Game Essay

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Alfred Edmond Jr. wrote the article, Why Asking for a Job Applicant’s Facebook Password is Fair Game. In the article he assessed and argued that you should provide your potential employer with your Facebook password because nothing is ever really private. Edmond effectively persuades the reader to agree with him by uniting his audience and establishing his credibility, providing scenarios that toy with the reader’s emotions, and by making logical appeals. In addition to making these appeals he successfully incorporates an informal tone that further sways the reader to grasp the essence of his argument. These are the elements that make Edmond’s argument valid and persuasive. He is able to convince us that providing a possible employer with something that is private such as our password will ultimately be beneficial for everyone in the situation.
In the article Edmond establishes his position and builds his credibility from the beginning of his argument. He begins his argument by stating a question that he was asked when he appeared on a well-known television network. This is an effective form of persuasion because the reader is able to establish an opinion of Edmond, as someone who is powerful or very successful having appeared on a popular network. He then proceeds to repeatedly utilize the word “we”, “The courts are conflicted, at best, on whether we as social media users have the right to an expectation of privacy, with many cases
being decided against expectations” (Edmond 134). By using the word “we” Edmond unites his audience and evokes an informal tone that unknowingly appeals to the reader because he sets a comfortable tone with his audience and makes individuals feel as superior as Edmond. These tactics that he ut...

... middle of paper ...

...onsidering hiring you.
As previously expressed Edmond successfully utilizes several tactics that enhance his argument. By invoking an informal tone throughout the article we are able to understand Edmond’s point in a more effective way. When he unites his audience with the word “we” he is building his credibility with the reader. Additionally, when he provides the scenario there is an emotional appeal because it involves children. Finally, Edmond’s logical statements about “your privacy” on social media prove to be valid when the reader reflects on the point. The reader can agree with Edmond’s argument because it is based off someone credible, with real life situations, and logical points. Regardless of the reader’s initial opinion about sharing your password with a potential employer, Edmond uses the art of persuasion to effectively establish his argument.

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