Essay on Why Abraham Lincoln Was A Great President

Essay on Why Abraham Lincoln Was A Great President

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Jeremiah Howze
Ms. Matthews
English 11
13 November 2015
Why Abraham Lincoln Was a Great President

Many know him as “Honest Abe” or “Illinois Rail Splitter” but we know him as Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln was given birth to in a Hodgenville, Kentucky log house. He also had very little education, and was mostly self-taught. During his lifetime, Lincoln accomplished many things. Some of these included freeing the slaves, fighting the confederacy, and bringing back the country together as one. Abraham Lincoln was one of the greatest presidents of the United States.
Abraham came from a poor family and all of his struggles were worth it in the end. Both of his parents were born in Virginia, but Abraham grew up in Kentucky. By the time Lincoln was ten years old, he had experienced his mother passing and was left alone with his father and the two shared a very bitter relationship. Even after all of the tragedies and low education provided for Lincoln, he could still read and write. Soon after he came of age he achieved his career goal of becoming a lawyer. On March 4, 1861 Abraham became the 16th president of the United States.
As the sixteenth American President, Lincoln was determined to make this nation a better nation. Despite his professional interests, Lincoln’s deep convictions were the foundation of his being and mortality. A fairly consistent believer in fatalism, Lincoln subscribed to the notion that everything served a purpose. As a corollary, he developed a certain reverence for the truth, as is evidenced by his reputation for honesty. His famous “Honest Abe” was actually bestowed upon him as a lawyer, which is rather remarkable considering the generally low moral esteem held for the profession both in his time and ours. In his d...

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...define Lincoln’s greatness, but his morality. His ability to apply his morality for the betterment of mankind is what made Lincoln great.
Learning more about Lincoln and why he is the second-president-taught-in-grade-school established his greatness in my mind. But, as I soon realized, there are serious implications of a great politician. Here was one moral man who played the world’s most corrupt game and held fast, even if it killed him. Lincoln’s irrefutable morality and evident greatness provide the one counter-example necessary to debunk a theory. The theory was my own, my conception and its practitioners are hopelessly corrupt by their very nature. My conclusions from a humble biography showed that my human stereotype was invalid. Lincoln simply proved that greatness could and can triumph in politics, and the example should be followed in life’s every aspect. In

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