Essay on Who Was Blame For The Boston Massacre?

Essay on Who Was Blame For The Boston Massacre?

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According to the textbook who was to blame for the Boston Massacre, several Boston resident were shot and killed by British Soldiers on the night of March 5, 1770, in what became known as Boston Massacre.
The Boston Massacre discusses the most important events that turned the colonial sentiment against the" King George III and the British acts and taxes." The showdown between the British and the local people was not simply a war of words "blood was shed over the class of ideals." Davidson, James Wheeler. Experience History: Who was to blame for the Boston Massacre? 1st Ed Vol .1.McGraw-Hill, 2011.150-153 print.
On the snowy night of March 5.1770, there was a party in Boston. Many local people who attended the party, got drunk so British soldiers were doing their duty on patrol, ensuring that there will be no violence. As the soldiers were patrolling around the building, a man came out and started harassing the soldier. The soldiers tried to defend himself, and he pushed the man off. Then after the man began throwing snowballs at him calling the names of the soldiers. Later on, a mob of American colonist gathered at the customs house and joined in the mockery. All the people started taunting at the soldier. The soldier became afraid of the situation and fled for the help. He returned with a group of troops and the protestor who called themselves a Patriots, kept throwing snowballs and taunting the soldiers. The people started throwing their clubs and chanting "fire, fire damn you Fire" British Captain Thomas Preston, the commanding officers at the custom house, ordered his men to fix the bayonets, but the colo...

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...d to the voluntary war.
According to my research and reflection, my first college level source correctly defines all the events and the action that were presented by the assignment. Therefore this is my defense of selection.
According to my study and research, my first college level source provide me with a superior understanding of the events and their impacts. My college level source has discussed the events like date and location also the names of the colonial people who died and the British soldiers in that event. It also explain how the Boston massacre leads to American Revolution. However, my other sources discussed it briefly, which was not helpful in understanding some of the events. All of my sources has the similar introduction and meaning. Similarly my first college level source somewhat provide the information about the trial after the Massacre.

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