Essay on Who helped Canada to become a nation?

Essay on Who helped Canada to become a nation?

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General Arthur Currie helped Canada to create an international reputation during World War One because he was a capable army commander who consistently has successful run of victories throughout the war. For example, his guts of going to the trenches while it was gassed and his calmness being under fire during the Second Battle of Ypres helped the allied won the battle. During the Poison Attack from the German, Currie issued from his brigade headquarter even though the area he was in was gassed and then destroyed by fire. He brought two regiments of British reinforcements. After several days later, the allied re-established a defense-line by counterattack the Germans. On May 25, 1915, the allied won the battle. This shows that General Arthur Currie played a big role in the Second Battle of Ypres and it helped Canada's reputations good. As a result of his instinct and his coolness under the fire, he was promoted to Major General. Another example of his actions would be the Battle of Vimy Ridge. Although it was controlled by the Germans, General Arthur Currie knew that sending men blindly across the no-man land would only raise the causalities up. Thus, he made a plan to have the troops closely follow a massive barrage of artillery on the German barrage. His preparations for the battle were extremely thorough and by following the barrage immediately, the Canadians infantrymen gained the element of surprise. They pushed forward by 100 yards per 3 minutes and successfully took the ridge. This shows that the Canadian won the only significant victory for the allied in 1917. General Arthur Currie's plan work and made Canada's reputation superior. In additions to his great actions, his characteristics defined him as a true Canadian hero....

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...ry Fox is still a heroic man in Modern Era. His achievements and inspirations helped Canada to become a nation because he helped to create a country we live today right now.

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