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the white populous of the city. On September 26, 1906, the News put out one of its daily “EXTRAS” that indicated there had been and increasing number of attacks on white women that very day. This of course angered the whites and they sought revenge on blacks and not just the males, but any black person that they encountered on the streets of Atlanta. Although many years later it would be found out that the stories were fabricated, by afternoon a throng of thousands of white males had gathered in the streets of Atlanta looking for a fight. There were estimates that 5,000 white males were in the streets that night with the intent to harm if not kill any black that came within arm’s reach. The mob from accounts began with throwing rocks and ransacking buildings with whatever they could fine. As the crowd strengthened, they began to attack in black person they could find with weapons of any sort or shape. Allegedly, according to author Rebecca Burns nearly 1,600 fire arms were purchased from locally merchants that night by whites in order to hunt down any black that were in the town.
That night the South experienced one of the worst riots it would see during the 20th century. Blacks both male and female were shot, bodies dismembered, burned to death and lynched in the streets through the waning hours of the early morning. The governor of Georgia had to finally call in the militia to put a stop the brutality in the streets. Ironically, when the dust settled after a night of bloodshed and the death of over 100 blacks, the citizens of Atlanta, placed the blame for the riot, and the destruction of Atlanta upon the black residents. The United States may have attempted to change the way in which the average black man an...

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...n and that was lynching. The racial tension, which was already high across the United States was even, South, due to the swift justice of white southerners had been using since the later part of the 19th century; lynching. Lynching of blacks had nearly become an ever day occurrence in the South. “During the heyday of lynching, between 1889 and 1918, 3,224 individuals were lynched, of whom 2,522 or 78 percent were black. The reported number of lynching in the United States according to author Authur Raper, was that, “the average number of blacks reported lynched in was per year 67 in the 1880’s, 111 in the 1890’s, 57 in the 1910’s , 20 in the 1920’s and 15 from 1930 to 1935. Almost all of these lynching took place in the South”. Numerous times both in the later part of the 19th century and throughout the 20th century, anti-lynching bills were proposed in the

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