What Superbugs are and How to Deal with Them Essay example

What Superbugs are and How to Deal with Them Essay example

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When people use antibiotics wrong, a drug resistant microorganism is formed. This drug resistant bacteria is known as a superbug. Many people do not know what superbugs are or how powerful they are, they also do not know how many different kinds of superbugs there are, like Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA), Klebsiella Pneumonia(KPC), Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococci(VRE), and Norovirus, but there have been wonder drugs created to treat sicknesses; but the outcome of antibiotics vary greatly, people could use home remedies as an alternative to taking medicine especially since it is sometimes hard to decide if it is a bacteria or virus that is attacking a person’s body. There are many causes of resistance for intense hand sanitizers, over populated areas, and many other causes, preventing superbugs can be easy, but if someone does catch a superbug it can be a financial struggle because of all the expenses superbugs have been causing for a long time. Nevertheless, people should know what superbugs are and how to deal with them.
Since a person should know what a Superbug is, what are Superbugs? Superbugs are antibiotic resistant bacteria. Antibiotic resistance is when antibiotics are useless against the bacteria. When the antibiotics do not work anymore the infections are incurable. “If a bacterium carries several resistance genes, it is called multiresistant or, informally a “superbug.”” (Ingdahl Web). Therefore, by the time the bacteria is considered a superbug it is extremely powerful.
There are many different kinds of superbugs but they all have one thing in common, they like to share. “[…] resistance can spread between different species of bacteria […]” (Kingsland 37). The superbugs can multiply anywhere, on...

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...ursing homes have had to deal with superbugs for decades but more cases are arising as time goes on. Concluding superbugs have been an issue since people started using antibiotics, but resistance to antibiotics is spreading.
There are multiple ways humans have increased the amount of superbugs living today. People use medicine incorrectly. People use hand sanitizers. Also people come in contact with one another more often. All these increase the treat of superbugs spreading. Antibiotic Resistance creates a financial burden for those who get a superbug; it could even take their life. But there are precautions people can take to reduce the chance of getting superbugs. Concluding, superbugs are not a problem that humans want to increase for all the difficulties that they bring so people should use medicines wisely and should take precautions as much as possible.

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