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The purpose of this paper is to review and summarize an article concerning antibiotic resistance. The article chosen was “The role of healthcare strategies in controlling antibiotic resistance” by Ann-Marie Aziz (2013) published in British Journal of Nursing, Vol. 22 Issue 18. This article discusses essential components to understand how antibiotics work; different strains of bacteria; what antibiotic resistance means and consists of; antibiotic resistance when pertaining to the production of foods. Along with strategies that can be utilized in health care to help reduce antibiotic resistance. For example, prescribing adjustments, sampling and testing; committees and education for staff and patients.
Bacteria that is resistant to antibiotics is a major problem not only for the United States, but worldwide. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2012) the cause is related to “widespread overuse, as well as inappropriate use, of antibiotics that is fueling antibiotic resistance”. According to World Health Organization (2013) resistance is a global concern for several reasons; it impedes the control of infectious diseases, increases healthcare costs, and the death rate for patients with resistant bacterial infections is twice of those with non-resistant bacterial infections.
How Antibiotics Work
Bacteria can be prevented from growing and/or living with the use of antibiotics. Antibiotics combat bacteria several ways by preventing the cell wall from developing properly, protein synthesis hindrance, interferes with deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) production by impeding cell division, interfering with outer-membrane and plasma function, killing the cell (Aziz, 2013).
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...cut down on the use of antibiotics. Establishing auditing tools and policies to help focus on inappropriate usage of antibiotics. Utilize acronyms such as GET RID: Guidelines; follow formulary’s; essential: ensure clinical justification; timely: sepsis treatments start within one hour; route: document administration route on all medical notes and prescriptions, along with route; indications: document reasons for using antibiotic; and duration: document time antibiotics used (Aziz, 2013). Instituting committees utilizing all players; such as infection control, physicians, pharmacists, etc. to review the usage of antibiotics and the rate of HCAI’s with in the hospital and to assist with improving appropriate usage. Educate staff and patients on the importance concerning misuse of antibiotics, along with the issues and problems that can result with resistant bacteria.

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