What Modernism Is And What It Means? Essay

What Modernism Is And What It Means? Essay

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Greenberg indicated that Modernists intentionally drew attention to the physical flatness of the canvas, to express how you should embrace the literal flatness, to embrace two-dimensionality. We will be exploring hoe Greenberg states the flatness of Modernism through-out this essay, this will include many factors that are included in the arts such as the canvas, paint and the way in which it is applied as well as the colour.
We will firstly define Greenberg’s essay of what Modernism is and what it means in regards to how we understand art history, this will be discussed through the means of how Greenberg defines Modernism and how a two-dimensional surface is large part in the methods, these methods will also be spoken about, showing us how the Modernists developed and the procedures that they maintained on succeeding to develop into a compact identity in the art world.
Secondly we will be making connections between Modernisms to past art through Greenberg’s text, and presenting that if we were deprived of past art, Modernism may never had come to rise nor would they have come up with the notion of Modernism, that the past has various influences in the Modernists methods of thinking such as the element they both relate to visual illusions but this is approached in a very alternate manners, this will be dealt with in this second half.
“Paintings are flat by the very nature of the canvas.” Greenberg states to us that the physicality of the canvas in which is being painted on are in fact two-dimensional. Modernists applied paint in such methods that the spectators ' eyes were not drawn to certain individual points on the canvas, but somewhat offered the spectator various perspectives. The main role of the picture was not to challe...

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...y all theories of art for their importance to the actual applied understanding of art, and without the old masters paintings the Modernists would never had been able to test art in the way that they did, to push the theories of art to their limits. "The surrounding shape of the picture was a restraining form, or standard that was shared with the art of the theatre; colour was a norm and a means shared not only with the theatre, but also with sculpture.” Here is shown how the actual form of the painting was a restraint but the Modernists embraced the forms of the shape and included it into their artworks. Whereas that frame of the painting that were included in the aesthetics of the production of the Renaissance were then incorporated into the finishing aspect of the painting, this would have been the finishing touch of the painting to cover up the surrounding shape.

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