Essay on What Makes An Army Leader?

Essay on What Makes An Army Leader?

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What it means to be an Army leader

For some time the Army has been using a certain expression to defines what an Army leader actually is. To keep it basic, the three words be, know and do explains it all!
The Army leader should have identifiable features that soldiers can benefit from. This is how an Army leader must be. He or she should have knowledge in tactics and techniques that show that they can manage resources and organize. All of this entails what an Army leader knows. And the actions that birth the feelings in other soldiers to want to operate in the same manner of that leader is the do.
The best Army leaders will effortlessly find some way to get others to do exactly what they need them to do. They do this by giving soldiers a cause or explanation to why something needs to be done. When soldiers understand why something must be done, it’s actually a lot easier to do it. They want to do it to get a desired end result. Telling soldiers how to do something is another part getting soldiers to do. When a soldier know how to do something, they know that they can get better at ...

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