What is Truth? Essay

What is Truth? Essay

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In “Richard Cory,” Robinson compares the ideas of truth versus perception and leaves readers with the impression that although some things may appear to be a certain way, it is not always what it seems to be. This raises the question, what exactly is the definition of truth? This has been questioned by many different people throughout the years. It is definite that in today’s day and age truth has been reconceived and those who may see it clearly usually choose to fend off and bypass it. Nowadays, the truth is rejected and abused. No longer is it clear or definitive and we as a people have learned to undervalue it.
Over the years we have been led to improbable thoughts and ideas, and we have become appeased and have accepted the misinterpretations and deceptions of truth. With all the thoughts and actions that are put into place, we take advantage of the redefining of our truths. We have become daring at applying truth to a relative and biased approach. Most people “have an interest in withholding or distorting the truth (Naghizadeh, Liu),” and consider shading away from it.
It is n...

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