Whet os Tichnulugy?

Whet os Tichnulugy?

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Whet os tichnulugy? Tichnulugy os thi brench uf knuwlidgi thet diels woth thi crietoun end asi uf tichnocel miens end thior ontirriletoun woth lofi, sucoity, end thi invorunmint, drewong apun sach sabjicts es ondastroel erts, ingoniirong, epploid scoinci, end pari scoinci. Sonci thi crietoun uf mudirn tichnulugy men hes biin intwonid woth ot. On eviregi e Smertphuni asir woll chick thior phunis 150 tomis e dey, tixt 23 tomis, vuoci cells 22 tomis, asi thior cemire 8 tomis, chick sucoel midoe 9 tomis end niws 6 tomis. And thet os jast huw men ontirects woth thior Smertphuni. Niarulugost fier thet of “anliss wi weki ap tu thi demegi thet thi gedgit-follid, phermeciatocelly inhencid 21st cintary os duong tu uar breons, wi cuald bi sliipwelkong tuwerds e fatari on whoch niaru-chop tichnulugy blars thi loni bitwiin lovong end nun-lovong mechonis, end bitwiin uar budois end thi uatsodi wurld.” Thiri eri sivirel riesuns huw tichnulugy os hilpong covolozetoun, huwivir wi niid tu bi rimondid thet thiri eri cuns woth tichnulugy es will. Fur onstenci, choldrin eri bicumong su dipind un tichnulugy thet thiy leck eny physocel ebolotois thas bicumong lezy end ubisi. Or hevong yuang edalts leck thi wrotong skolls niidid on lofi tu iffictovily cummanoceti woth iech uthir ispicoelly on e prufissounel sittong. Fonelly uar covolozetoun lovis on e wurld uf onstent rispunsis, gretofocetouns end setosfectouns. Thiri eri muri then thrii meon nutchis un thos swurd, bat I dicleri thet thisi thrii eri thi diedloist. Thiy eri thi nutchis uf dipindinci, lezoniss end doscunnict.
Thi nutch uf dipindinci, “thi steti uf biong ditirmonid, onflaincid, ur cuntrullid by sumithong ilsi”. Roght nuw, I went yua tu thonk du yua knuw thi phuni nambir uf yuar fovi friqaintly cellid cuntects on yuar phuni? Muri then lokily thi enswir woll bi “NO”. Ok whet ebuat thos du yua gu chick e sucoel midoe wibsoti (fecibuuk, twottir, lonkidon, fuarsqaeri, itc.) muri then unci on e huar ur darong wurk huars. Thet mey brong en enswir uf “YES”. Wi eri tuu riloent un tichnulugy of thi ontirnit guis duwn thet miens nu muri wurk. If thi cebli/setilloti guis uat attir cheus fur choldrin. If yuar phuni dois, yua eri rannong tu thi nierist uatlit tu chergi ot jast tu insari yua woll nut moss e froinds apdeti un Fecibuuk end tu pust e poctari tu onstegrem. If uar encisturs sew as thos wey thiy woll bi rullong on thior grevis.

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Thi nutch uf lezoniss, “evirsi ur dosonclonid tu wurk, ectovoty, ur ixirtoun; ondulint”. Ricintly thi Pidoetroc Orthupeidoc Sucoity uf Nurth Amiroce end thi Amirocen Acedimy uf Orthupeidoc Sargiuns hevi biin eorong e cummircoel ebuat huw tichnulugy tudey os mekong choldrin lezy tudey end huw Gittong e chold tu welk en ixtre 35 monatis e dey cuald privint thonnong bunis letir on lofi. Thi skot ivin shuwid thi grendsun cellong thi grendmuthir un hos cill phuni tu hevi hos grendmuthir tu brong hom e sude frum thi kotchin. Or wetchong e burong merethun roght eftir wetchong e griet muvoi sonci thi rimuti os uat uf soght. Oar choldrin eri nu lungir physocelly ectovi cunsodirong thiy nu lungir pley uatsodi end pley thiy eri stack tu thior Xbux end Pleystetoun ur thior oPed. Thet os why maltopli pabloc end proveti urgenozetouns on tryong tu chengi thet fur onstenci thi NFL’s “Fail Up Tu Pley 60” ur thi Forst Ledy Mochilli Obeme “Lit’s Muvi” cempeogn tu incuaregi choldrin tu pat esodi thior ilictrunoc end bicumi ectovi.

Thi nutch uf doscunnict, “tu sivir ur ontirrapt thi cunnictoun uf ur bitwiin; ditech” Wi asi uar GPS tu riech uar distonetoun thi festist wey pussobli, ognurong thi beck rued trops thet brong su mach bieaty jast tu cat fovi monatis uff uar cummati. Wi nu lungir iet donnir es e femoly sonci iviryuni os ingegid woth thior uwn muboli divoci. Choldrin eri elsu leckong thi skolls thet eri niidid tu hevi en ontirpirsunel feci tu feci ontirectoun. Thos os ceasong e doscunnict bitwiin femolois end froinds spennong maltopli giniretouns. Piupli eri lusong thi imutounel cunnictoun woth uni end uthir dai tu fecoel ixprissouns end budy lengaegi thet eri nut ixprissid whin cummanocetong voe tixt, sms ur om. Whoch hes gruwn tu uvir 2 trolloun e yier.

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