Essay on What Is A Peripheral Nerve Block?

Essay on What Is A Peripheral Nerve Block?

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Peripheral Nerve Block

A peripheral nerve block is a type of medicine that is injected into an area of the body to numb everything below the injection site (regional anesthesia). The medicine is injected around the nerve that provides feeling to the area where you will have a surgical procedure done. A peripheral nerve block is done so that you do not feel any pain during your procedure.
You may be numb for up to 24 hours after your peripheral nerve block is done, depending on the type of medicine used. A peripheral nerve block can be extended to relieve pain for a longer period by leaving a thin tube (catheter) inserted near your nerve after your procedure. More numbing medicine can be given through the catheter for up to several days.

You may have a peripheral nerve block to relieve pain associated with many types of procedures, such as surgery on any parts of your limbs, your hip, your shoulder, or your head. A peripheral nerve block may be done if you are not able to receive medicin...

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