What I Learned About Essentialism Essay

What I Learned About Essentialism Essay

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I could use this information that I learned about essentialism to my everyday life. If I want something to taste better I can manipulate my mind or other peoples minds by simply decoying an object. This can allow people to get on my good side whether they are rich or poor. Knowing how to pleasure oneself and others is a good strategy not only in social encounters, but also in work or school environments. This also helps to give a better understanding on why elders and museum historians find certain things to be valuable. This brought to my attention why origin matters and why we care. Its not because we want spend money on valuable things but to keep the history and memories alive. When we buy things that are not the real thing you kind of are not giving the artist the credit for the work that you appreciated. That’s probably why we have to pay money for a ticket to the museum because it is a way of showing appreciation of history. I am always appreciated work but never really thought about why the origin really matters to human beings. Don’t get me wrong a forgery is reall...

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