What Does A Person? Essay

What Does A Person? Essay

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What does a person say to news that knocks the air out of them? Is their first reaction to run and hide from the truth or is it to face the storm head on with the people who care about you? Unfortunately, everyone goes through a time in their life that is difficult for them to overcome, but it is how they choose to heal themselves that matters. Another thing that is important is how a person’s family helps them with the situation; whether someone’s family supports them or not can make the largest difference between recovering or staying in an ocean of self-destruction.
May 14th, 2014. It was the day after my niece, Kaija, was born and the first day she was home from the hospital. As anyone can imagine, this was a time of happiness, love, and assembly, but things quickly turned sour as soon as my two sisters and I sat down side by side on the couch, while the baby was curled up in Monet’s arms; she is the eldest of the three of us and the one who gave birth. My parents were opposite from us and I could tell something was wrong due to the fact that there was a painfully, obvious blank stare on my mother’s face and the small space between my parents seemed to be ever so present in the room. The silence grew throughout the small, dingy, one bedroom apartment and the awkward vibes buzzed around the room. How could anyone speak when this uncomfortable quietness tugged at everyone’s neck? Monet was the only one who was trying to brush this situation off in order to enjoy her moment with her first new born daughter. There was just a cloud of exhausted, happiness around her that everyone pretended to pay attention to. In my thoughts, nothing could make this situation better, but I was also avoiding the fact that something big could b...

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... a picture of my brand-new family! This picture was also taken right before Christmas, which is very symbolic for new beginnings and togetherness. I think we all need this. we needed something to let our hair down and relax us. To let us have some fun after a trying moment in our lives.
For the past two years, my life has been a toy for the wind to play with. I have tossed my around, thrown me down, and has picked me back up again. I was the person who kept my troubles to myself and did not allow others to help me. I ran away and would not accept the truth behind my reality, resulting in a bigger downfall then it had to be. I made myself unhealable until I relied on my family to help me get my emotions together. With the support of my family I was able to be exactly who I wanted to become. I wanted to be a happy college student with love and support surrounding her.

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