The Western Civilization And Western Civilizations Essay

The Western Civilization And Western Civilizations Essay

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The Western culture has evolved over a span of several years with various civilizations specializing in specific aspects of life or nature. In essence, Western civilization dates back to the BCE periods when Ancient Greece, Mesopotamia, and Ancient Rome reigned. Each of the Western civilizations came with a clear lineage that portrayed such attributes as property rights, free market economy, competition, personal freedoms, and innovation (Perry, 2013). Besides, the western civilizations came at different periods with some of the attributes evolving or remaining unchanged throughout the lineage. However, the non-western civilizations contributed towards such attributes to a given extent, primarily because of the interactions among various civilizations from BCE to BC to AD (Campbell, 2012). The emergence and spread of the Christian faith influenced the Western civilization significantly, particularly between BC and AD when most civilizations based their leadership on Christianity. The Biblical truth was more pronounced in the Greek-Roman civilization than other previous civilizations. The present Western lifestyle and culture controls a significant chunk of the attributes that were derived from ancient Western civilization (Noble, 2010). This paper explores the evolution of the western civilizations in relation to the lineage attributes, influence of the Christian faith, and the impact of the contemporary West on the attributes of the western civilizations.
Western civilization was unique in the sense that it had a distinct lineage with each civilization possessing specific attributes from each of them. Reading articles and other sources on the topic, it seems that scholars associate the Western civilization with the W...

... middle of paper ...

...Western civilization (Duchesne, 2011).
In conclusion, the Western civilization has existed for a long time although it has evolved through various phases where different attributes have played important roles in the lives of people. Some of the key attributes of Western civilization include values, norms, economy, architecture, paintings, dance, music, and religion. The Christian faith played an important role in the transformation and continuity of the Western civilization over the years. The Spread of Christianity from the middle ages led to the Christian faith in various empires, including the Roman Empire. Perhaps the Christian faith was the strongest during the entire period that the Western civilization existed. The West still play a significant role in influencing the Western civilization attributes across the globe (Spielvogel, 2012; Oreskes & Conway, 2014).

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