Essay about Weird Illinois or The Windy City

Essay about Weird Illinois or The Windy City

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Weird Illinois
There have been many weird things happening in Illinois in the past 100 years. There has been a whole bunch of mysterious fires and weird things happening at churches. There has been many unexplained Phenomena like weeping statues or weird poltergeist. Although there is a lot more phenomenas, there are also been some local legends like The Demon Butcher and The Axeman. Weird and creepy, there are a lot more local legends and phenomenas that i'm not going to explain.
Unexplained Phenomena
The past three decades dozens of religious aspirations took place. A weird event in the 1970s where a 1700 year old relic was oozing blood at St.Adrians Church (Taylor 68). Since the beginning of January the statues began to weep and for the next 7 months oil spewed out from its fingers. It then stopped then started again and the 2nd time the oil it spewed out was used to anoint 14 icons ( Taylor 68) At the St. Nicholas Orthodox the statues weeped and kept weeping for 7 months (Taylor 68). In Hanover park on July 1997 on 2420 Glendale Terrace an image of the Virgin Mary appeared from security lights (Taylor 68). Also in the St.George Orthodox the statues were weeping oil during holy week (Taylor 68).
A poltergeist is a noisy ghost. Among the poltergeists Wanet Mcneal was a poltergeist but she was living. They had powers that no one has ever seen before;she had fire power. The mysterious fires started on August the 7th.; in that week there was 200 fires. The fires started from little brown spots. Vincent Gaddis though that the fires started from poltergeist phenomena (Taylor 64-65). A poltergeist is a so called noisy ghost. Poltergeist don't have to be ghosts. If you are a poltergeist then that means you are a young person and are g...

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...train. When the hobo jungle got popular to hobos there was a lot of people there. Then someone started to murder people and his first victim was Mel Savage. Mel Savages murder was never solved, since everybody else fled. (Taylor 45) For about 50 years nobody lived in “Hell Hollow” (Taylor 46)
Illinois is a very weird place with alot of weird things in it. Like the fires and the oil, or the meat and the axe. There are alot of wierd things here in Illinois. Most people say that Illinois is the most weirdest place in the U.S.

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