Ways to Prevent Computer Failure Essay

Ways to Prevent Computer Failure Essay

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Nowadays, the uses of computer systems is needed and important in an organization or company that runs and conduct the business in any fields including on customer service, marketing and sales activities, customer relationship management and producing financial statement and etc. As we can see, the uses of computer systems are increasingly prevalent and widely use in organization all around the world to protect and organize the organization properly, safe on keeping the data of their system and run smoothly their organization.
While each company or organization has a policies and procedures and to design to prevent the problem that will occur or effect of failure, the computer system may be vulnerable to disruptions or breaches as the result of natural disaster, manmade disaster, criminal activity, pandemics or other event beyond our control. The computer system failure that fails for any reason could disrupt the operation of the organization, result in loss of customer and will also impact the profitability of the organization.
The problem that occurs to some companies has given them a problem that they don’t believe will happen to their system. To prevent a computer system failure, companies need a plan to recovery the system failure that will attack the system any time. The first way to prevent the computer system failure is by creates a Password security, it is the basic security precaution that all company should take, this is to have a good password and safety for the access controls to the company network. Not just backing up files, this action will may prevent a security more and will avoid incident in the company.
The second ways to prevent the computer failure is by doing a backup planning. It is the first basic ways f...

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...p and the easy way to defend it, comparing with when the organization might lost a data and loss of productivity time if the data are probably infected and possible to restore it again. The data is valuable to a company, and the data must being keep safety and properly. Viruses and spyware that commonly used to damage and steal information from a computer company are might can being solve and handle. It a worthy for a company and organization to use it and up to date a system computer every month for become a failure,

Use a firewall. Firewalls prevent infiltration of hackers and other malicious threats. You should keep a well maintained firewall between your computers and the Internet, and between your computers and your in-house users. If you are a home user, you should have firewall software implemented on your home computer and/or on your home router.

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