Ways to Improve School System

Ways to Improve School System

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Many students suffer from the school system. Many students face problems in schools because lack of the system. There are so many problems in school that should never be there, education now involving more problems than anything else. In recent years so many people have lost their lives in the class-room. There are ways to improve school system by police presence, to end overcrowded condition, and to hire more qualified teachers.
First of all, police presence is very important in schools, because of so many reasons. First reason for police in campus will prevent a lot of gang problems. For example, student is less likely to be victims of crimes. And also the school will be a safer place for students; many schools now are facing a lot of gang problems because of lack of police presence. Police will have more control over the gang members by having more secure schools. Student will be less likely to start problems in campus.
Second, end overcrowded classes, as population grows the demand of building more schools grow with it. In average, we should have six-hundred to eight-hundred students in each school. Nevertheless, some schools now have over one-thousand students, which make it very difficult inside the class room. In a big city like Raleigh the number of students is very large, and that leads to so many problems like making around year school, which have a negative impact on the students. Students will be able to understand more when there are fewer numbers inside the class room.
Finally, hire more qualified teachers; education is very important part of our lives, we should be careful of how we choose teachers. Many teachers are not qualified for teaching; in order for students to understand the subject the teacher had to teach it first. I have met many teachers love to teach, but I also I meet other teachers hate their jobs. Our part is to keep an eye on improving education. Training and retraining teachers to meet the needs, help teachers and students.

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In conclusion, these are some of the ways to improve school system by police presence, to end overcrowded condition, and to hire more qualified teachers. After all I think education problems could be solved in so many ways. However, our part as teachers, Parents, and students, must be vigilant to the signs and problems with high schools. We have an obligation to resolve student problems before they escalate into big problems. We must not forget that improving our school system, is in reality, an investment in our future.
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