Wayne Gretzky And The National Hockey League Essays

Wayne Gretzky And The National Hockey League Essays

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Wayne Gretzky once said, “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been”. This quote helps represent how he was always looking to be the best.
Wayne Gretzky was a star from the start of his life. He was a natural born leader, and had a successful career while being a leader. Wayne was first a leader at a young age, then he was a leader in the National Hockey League, and finally he was a great leader as a coach in the National Hockey League.
Wayne Gretzky was born in Brantford, Ontario on January 26,1961 to Walter Gretzky and Phyllis Leone Hockin. He was raised in a family of seven. He had one younger sister named Kim, and three younger brothers named Keith, Glen, and Brent. Wayne started to become affilliated with hockey at the age of two(("About 99 | Gretzky.com", 2016). It was very clear that Wayne Gretzky was born to play Hockey. After many cold trips to the local park where the outdoor rink was located, Wayne’s father, Walter, took initiative and built an outdoor rink in their backyard for the kids to skate on in the winter("Gretzky, Wayne -- Biography -- Honoured Player -- Legends of Hockey", 2016). If you were to stop on by the Gretzky’s house, nine times out of ten, Wayne would be out on the ice practicing. He just could not get enough time out on the rink. His father would accommodate him out there, and he was the one that taught him the basics: shooting, stickhandling, and passing. Shortly, after learning the basic skills of a hockey player, Wayne was playing in different leagues. Many of the leagues he played in were not age appropriate for him. When he was six, he was playing with kids that were nine or ten years old. Just like any other human being, Wayne did not have much success in his first season ...

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...n his team took down the Minnesota Wild. Gretzky then took a step back from the game he loved to be with his ill mother who passed away on December 19th. He then jumped right back into the hockey world just 9 days later after his mother’s passing. With the knowledge Gretzky was able to give his Coyotes during the 2005-2006 season, they were able to improve and win 16 more games than their previous season with a different head coach. It seemed to be wherever Gretzky was present, he could help any team improve.
Wayne Gretzky was a natural born leader. It was very easy to see that he led by example with all the points and records he was able to rack up in his youth, juniors, and pro hockey career. He was a leader on the ice during his playing years, but was also a great leader off the ice during his coaching years. Gretzky will forever be remembered as “The Great One”.

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