Personal Essay: My Love Of Ice Hockey

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Every person has something inside them that defines them as an individual. This uniqueness can take many forms and could be visible to the outside world or quietly hidden, deep inside. Passion for something specific is often the guiding factor in developing one’s uniqueness and often in ways that were not foreseen. My love of ice hockey has changed my life in ways that I could not have imagined and has shaped my personal growth. My ability to stop a hockey puck defined me; or so I thought! I have been playing ice hockey since I was seven years old. By age ten, I knew I loved being a hockey goalie more than anything else. I dedicated my time to achieve my goal of playing at the highest level possible. Over the years, I worked extremely hard to learn my position. I took private lessons,…show more content…
Each year I got better and advanced to higher levels teams. I even got the opportunity to train with one of the greatest goaltenders ever to play the game. Right before my freshman year in high school, my family relocated back to Texas and we arrived in College Station. While there was a local hockey team, it was not at the level I was playing and the closest team was in Dallas. Twice a week, my parents drove me over three hours each way for practices after school and then we traveled virtually every weekend for games. Sometimes we played in Dallas, other times we flew to tournaments in Chicago, Detroit and Boston. The travel was exhausting and my grades suffered a little as I tried adjusting to the rigors of high school with my hockey schedule. By my sophomore

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