Watching Television: Social Stereotype Essay

Watching Television: Social Stereotype Essay

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Watching Television: Social Stereotype
After the invention of television by Philo Farnsworth in 1927, this is the most common thing that can be found in any household throughout the globe. But it has not as good reputation as it is expected to have in the houses because there is belief in every house that Television helps in making people lazy, fat and in the worst cases addicted. For example, girls are supposed to have the addiction to the TV series, children to the cartoons and boys to the sports programs. Generally if seen on the online blogs and magazines, fatness of the people is also related to the TV and serials. So there is a stereotype that watching television is bad habit. If any child is watching television then it might not be the best thing that their parents want to watch, because they want them to be productive. In addition to that, the contents presented in the television are also the major problem in this case. A Surgeon General's report last year concluded that 61% of all TV programming contains violence. That provides the stat that if a child spends 3 to 4 hours a day in television then he will see 8000 small screen murders (smith). It might help in the violent character of the child but this is not the all thing television does. If we see in detail the advantages of television has outnumbered the disadvantages and is the best medium of communication throughout the world. Though watching television might be considered to be bad and might have social taboos but it has more advantages than disadvantages and is one of the best scientific innovations done by human being. One scientific innovation has assisted a lot to keep up the growth and development of people from New York to Somalia and from Sydney to Haiti.

... middle of paper ... from the online TV classes and hence it is helping to develop bunch of qualified manpower and it is a sort of formal education so they are way better than the one in universities.
In spite of the social stereotype that watching TV is bad there are many advantages of TV which either people don't care or don't want to care. But the fact is either people love or hate TV they cannot avoid it and it keeps on playing the major role in their life as a mass communication media, entertainer and education provider. The new generation of the TV is the smart TVs which even simplifies the three aspects gaming, web surfing and watching TV and they are eye friendly as well which only keeps on making it better. It is not wrong to say that TV is the major weapon to be in touch with the new technology and the things that are going around the world before being left behind.

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