Essay about The Warmth Of Other Suns By Isabel Wilkerson

Essay about The Warmth Of Other Suns By Isabel Wilkerson

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In “The Warmth of Other Suns” by Isabel Wilkerson, the three main characters that the story follows face a great deal of inequality and racial prejudice in both the Jim Crow south that they left and the north that they fled to. Through their stories, as well as the excerpts from Wilkerson that serve to dispel some of the common myths and to explain some of the inequalities that others faced, one is able to make many connections between the problems that Ida Mae, George Starling, and Richard Foster, among many others, faced in their time and the obstacles to equality that our society still to this day struggles to overcome. A large reason as to why these obstacles still exist is that many have preconceived ideas about African Americans and African American Communities. However, numerous obstacles still survive to this day as a result of certain racist ideas.
One of the main reasons that some obstacles that Ida Mae, Starling, and Foster faced still exist is that many people are predisposed to certain ideas about African Americans, some of which, came about during the time period that they went through. The first idea that stands as an obstacle to racial equality is that blacks and black communities are prone to violence. This idea appeared in part as a result of the riots that occurred in the big receiving cities. The riots that occurred at the beginning of the twentieth century with the first wave of the great migration as well as the riots that occurred while Ida and George were in Chicago and New York, respectively, instilled the idea that blacks were prone to violence and crime. This idea persists today as that idea still stands and can be shown in part by police activity recently. When tested, the vast majority of policemen, ...

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... women) rarely have the opportunity of making what their white, male equivalents do. Blacks also suffer from living in less well off neighborhoods than whites do, this comes from a result of the higher rent rates that they suffer from. As is made evident in Wikerson’s novel, blacks had to pay higher rates for housing than whites did, and still got less than white got in return. Lastly, many blacks faced problems with finding jobs, as was the case with Ida’s husband. Companies wouldn’t hire black workers and blamed it on the white labor unions. Today still, all other things being the same, employers are likely to choose a job application with a white person 's name than one with a name more typical of a black person.
While there have been huge steps made towards a more equal society in the last century, sadly, many of the problems that blacks faced back then persist.

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