The War Of 1812 : American Sailors Essay

The War Of 1812 : American Sailors Essay

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To begin with, The War of 1812 to me is appealing because of the ambiguity. The reason most often given for The War of 1812 is the British Impressment of American Sailors; American Sailors would be kidnapped and forced into British servitude. However, this disrupted American Shipping and is a blatant infringement of American Authority, but it’s a little more intricate than that. Second of all, there were many thousands of British sailors employed aboard American ships and many of the sailors that the British apprehended, were ironically British. However, this gets to the larger point that Citizenship at the time was a pretty slippery concept, in particular on the high seas. Also, papers would often be forged, and many sailors would identify that they are American because of their tattoo’s of eagles and flags.
There were several motives why a British sailor might want to become or pretend to be an American. That included at the time that the British were fighting Napoleon in what Historians in their infinite creativity at the time called it the Napoleonic Wars. On that topic, Britons impressment policy allowed them to disrupt American Shipping to France and to get more British Sailors to strengthen their War Effort. Impressment was annoying to Americans on a couple of levels especially to the "The French loving Republicans."
Another reason for the war was America’s crazy conspiratorial Anglophobia, and there was even a widespread rumor that British agents were buying up Connecticut’s sheep to sabotage the textile industry. So those wishing for war were known as War Hawks and most famous among them was Kentucky 's Henry Clay. They complained that Britons actions were on a front to free trade and was also a disgrace to Americ...

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...f impressment since Briton didn 't need as many sailors anymore.
General William Hull when marching from Detroit briefed the Canadians, “You will be emancipated from tyranny and oppression, and restored to the dignified station of freemen.” However the Canadians responded, “Yeah, we’re okay.” Additionally, the British in Canada with their Indian patrons responded by capturing Detroit and forced Hull 's surrender. America might have succeeded if they had a better strategy and taken Montreal, but they didn’t want to march into northern New York because it was full of Federalist opposed to the war. In addition, the British found more success in ceasing Washington D.C and burning the White House to the ground. However, the neither Britain or America won the war, but it did prove that America would exist and conflict between the British and Americans would disappear.

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