Essay about The War Between Our Planets And The Current Policies

Essay about The War Between Our Planets And The Current Policies

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“It is a great honor to be invited by you, Agent Agusti.” Benton Covel shook Agusti’s hand when they met at the door.Together they walked inside the building.”I will be candid in presenting my opinions about the impacts of the war between our planets and the current policies we have put in place to make sure both planets are safe and prosperous.”
Constel·lació had waged a war with Mother Earth after it was discovered that Abramo had conspired with Martin Bradford to overthrow Didac. Naturally, after winning the war, Didac had left some of his Warriors to represent him and make yearly reports on how things were progressing. Eventually, all the Warriors left behind had voted for Benton to be the new leader. He was military, selfless and a male of his word. Traits that both Agusti and Didac admired in any individual, leader or not. Martin Bradford was forced to step down and these days he was a nobody. Some of his people wanted him dead, but Didac had made sure he was protected to appease his mate and because his mate’s mother, Michelle had chosen to remain behind with her husband.
Agusti and Benton appreciated each other and every time he came to Constel·lació, he invited him for lunch.
Agusti opened the door to the office he shared with his team and stood by his desk.”We both share a common interest in striving it to be so. Your delegates are beyond reproach. I have a great respect for individuals with strong values.”
“As do I.”
Just then Paka approached carrying what Agusti recognized as his lunch box. He had forgotten it in a rush to go to work early and it never crossed his mind to pass by the kitchen and look. When it was Paka’s turn to cook, she always made extra for his lunch the next day.She claimed she wanted him healthie...

... middle of paper ...

...e possibilities were endless. His eyes moved to her legs and feet. She had on flat, sensible shoes, maybe because he was biased, they did nothing short of complimenting her legs. He had an assignment to do. He was a male who wasted no opportunities when they were presented so effortlessly. He grinned like a fool. A happy fool. Paka and Kugawa suddenly stopped appearing to be in a deep discussion. Paka and Kugawa looked at them and they smiled. All three males smiled back,Agusti more determined than ever to possess Paka.He didn’t have to turn to look to see that the other two males were watching too.Perhaps wondering if all his faculties were intact.”You don’t want to make me angry.”
Benton and Sylvester looked uncomfortable, they almost collided in their quest to evacuate.

Paka watched Agusti watching them. His hands were on his pecs, his feet were slightly apart.

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