The War Between Food and Sickness Essay

The War Between Food and Sickness Essay

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Foodborne illnesses have been an enemy of humans since the day they began to eat food. The most common foodborne illnesses are E. coli and salmonella which are commonly caused by humans not handling food safely. Because of humans’ mistakes with handling food, USA, Thai-land, Denmark, and Australia are the top countries in outbreaks of foodborne illnesses. Food-borne illnesses are in the hands of restaurants and consumers, who both take the blame for these illnesses. Although there is a constant spread of foodborne illnesses, there are also constant up-dates to food safety programs and cleaning techniques to reduce the bacteria that cause food-borne illnesses. So in general foodborne illnesses are cause mostly by human error, and with a little education it could be prevented.
Out of all the foodborne illness in the world, E. coli and salmonella are the most common and the ones that scientist work the hardest to prevent. One of the biggest harbors of foodborne illnesses are animals, such as food animal, the number one carrier of nontyphoidal salmonella (Aarestrup, 726). Salmonella is constantly evolving, and because of that it has been becoming more resistant to Nalidixic acid, the common drug to treat it, which also means salmonella is becoming harder to cure (726). Drug resistant just one of the many shifts in the strains and because of the shifts in different strains scientists use the data as epidemiologic markers (726). Not only is it a common foodborne illness and constantly changing, in 2004 salmonella was the fifth most co mom foodborne illness found in meat in America (729). Unlike salmonella E. coli commonly comes from human feces (Mediros, 10). The foodborne illness is usually a sign of unhygienic or unsanitary food pre...

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