The Walking Drum by Lous L'Amour Essay

The Walking Drum by Lous L'Amour Essay

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In The Walking Drum by Louis L’Amour the character Mathurin Kerbouchard is in search of his father. In the beginning Mathurin has an abundance of gold coins and tries to figure out where his father is. He goes on a boat and asks if they knew him. He didn’t have luck and is brought onto the boat as a slave. He convinces Walther, the captain, to let him be the pilot. He wants to go to Cadiz and finally persuades Walther to let him drive the boat there. In Cadiz he sells the boat while everyone is gone to a merchant named Ben Salom. He goes to Cordoba and meets Aziza. Aziza is royalty and they run away together. They go to the castle of Othman and guards find them and throw Kerbouchard in prison. He escapes and Eric wants to kill him. He meets a woman named Safia who is going to help him. Safia and Kerbouchard depart a couple times, but she is always there to help him. Kerbouchard finds Suzanne the Hansgraf who leads him on his journey around Europe. Suzanne departs at Constantinople when Kerbouchard has to go to Alamut. He finds his dad there and they stay together until he leaves to find his lover. Some of the most important characters in the book are Safia, Suzanne, and Jean Kerbouchard. The most important one of all is his dad, Jean, because they make enemies along the way and always keep going, Mathurin is searching for his father his whole journey, and his dad is his educator.

Both Mathurin and Jean Kerbouchard create enemies throughout their journeys. Their enemies were some of the same people. Tournemine became Mathurin’s because he was responsible for the death of his beloved mother. Since Tournemine was the murderer, Mathurin felt remorse for Tournemine and he attacked him and if Tournemine had not moved he would be d...

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...equences of battle and losing and can do better in the next one. The Kerbouchard men learned this way but always have their women to fall back on at the end of the day.

Jean Kerbouchard is the one person who is as important or more than Mathurin for his wit of teaching to his son and being a father by teaching him everything. Mathurin wouldn’t have had the determination to find his father and go through everything he did if his father didn’t mean something to him. He taught him everything he knew and what he needed to know. He made him determined to see him again and it was also good for Jean. He got to see him again when he wasn’t able to see him because of Mahmoud. Parents are taken from their children every day and their kids mostly always find their way back to them. It is an instinct for children to find their parents and Mathurin took it to the next level.

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