Volunteering Response Paper : Service Works

Volunteering Response Paper : Service Works

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I chose to write Service Works, because it’s a nationwide organization that helps young adults in developing communities to build acquired skills to prepare for college and their career paths. Service Works provides success coaches for young individuals as role models, and people that they can interact with if they have any problems, questions, or need advice regarding their career paths. Service Works is an organization that is hosted by Jersey Cares, a nonprofit organization that has been around since 1993. Service Works recruits and engages volunteers in rewarding effective efforts that help address community-identified needs. According to Jersey Cares.org, their mission statement is to, “increases the level of meaningful volunteer engagement by creating and managing efficient, impactful projects that address critical community-identified needs.” With the support of Jersey Cares, Service Works had the opportunity to go to different locations in New Jersey, such as, Penn Station, and areas in Burlington county. They gave food and clothes. They also clean public parks, such as Branch Brook Park.

This organization, Service Works, made the volunteers do a capstone project, where we had to tackle an overlooked community problem. My group and I came to a conclusion that the biggest problem in the society is that homeless people are overlooked. We wanted to feed the homeless, not because we can end the hunger situation, but in order to bring awareness to the community that we have some people living in the street with no food or medical help. As a group, we created a GoFundMe.org page in order to hold a fundraiser. It did not go as planned because people felt that we needed to give them a reason to ...

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...different departments in the country, which is then distributed to the state and local government. The supervisor told me that their organization receives a substantial part of its support from the government, individual donations, and Interest from investments. With the help of people volunteering different item to their organization they help get things that they need for their volunteer work. Another theory that was discussed in class was, participatory democracy, Which means that the citizens are involved directly in the process of making decision in the society. If Service Works can show the people of the community that we can help homeless people, citizen can help provide a place for them to stay in order to get back on their feet. Without the citizen on their side it will be hard to accomplish, which was shown in the video clip, “A Homeless shelter in Maspeth.”

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