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Visual Culture vs Television Essay

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Visual culture has shifted our traditional, ritual, ceremony with television. In this generation we are heading towards a more visual culture. Technology such as television has held to countless antisocial behavior in young developing minds leading to a lot of apathy in our traditional American culture. With an increasing demand in technology, television viewing habits is starting to materialize as a problem in the American society. This habit has negative effect on our perceptions, behaviors and how we interact with each other. Our reality and social understanding has also been altered by the visual imagery. How have we allowed television to replace our traditional culture?
The technology components of visual culture are what we used to determine how advance our society is. In today’s society technology is in many aspects such as communication, production and marketing. There’s no doubt that technology has helped and made our lives a lot easier by enhancing our everyday tasks and visual capability. It’s used as a predominant tool for tasks however it also has made way for a cultural apathy in society. We are in a culture where we rather watch than participate. Technology doesn’t just change our culture but in a particular direction.
Using Plato, Winn and Buckley, I was able to understand the power of visual imagery in new aspects such as technology and pictures. Visual culture has changed throughout time and visual imagery has brought a new concept in our culture. In “What is Visual Culture”, Mirzoeff discusses the change that visual culture has taken:
Visual culture does not depend on pictures but on this modern tendency to picture or visualize existence. This visualizing makes the modern period radically different from the...

... middle of paper ...

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