Essay about The Visual Arts of Africa

Essay about The Visual Arts of Africa

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My research interests revolve around issues of (re-)presentation in media, cinema and the arts, emerging from, yet not limited to, and problematized by, aspects relating to one or more of the following areas: race relations, ethnicity, diaspora, displacement, and exile. Broad in scope, my research responds to fields of study both diverse and complementary, such as Black culture and politics in America (Todd Boyd, Michael Eric Dyson, among others) and cultural studies in England (Paul Gilroy, Stuart Hall, among others). And I also address historical silences coming from countries (such as Brazil), which, in the last few decades, are being replaced by forceful voices in transnational theoretical frameworks.

Previous research:
My doctoral project translates well the transnational extend of my research as I strove to make evident the interconnectedness between cinemas from Africa, Europe, and the Americas (mainly Brazil and the United States) via an articulation of shared experiences of diaspora and sites of memory. My approach centred first on the diasporic connections between Lusophone African and (African-)Brazilian cinemas. However, working intentionally on a South-to-South axis on the ‘Black Atlantic’ I focused on suggesting a viable alternative to the long-known and well-established North Atlantic outlook on this field of study. As the investigation evolved, I was able to enlarge the scope of my research project and include Black British and African-American cinemas, therefore encompassing further aspects of the legacy of Third World Cinemas in the Atlantic region.
This investigation covered a long timeline, from the early 1960s up to the end of the last decade. Its trajectory included from the revolutionary ideals that mar...

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