Virginia Plan And New Jersey Plan Essay

Virginia Plan And New Jersey Plan Essay

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Our National government has gone through a lot of changes since it was first created in 1781. The Articles of Confederation was created as the nations first national constitution, however it lacked certain powers and ultimately wouldn’t survive. However delegates from the thirteen states were determined to amend the articles, so our government would survive and flourish. The problem was that there was a problem between two proposed plans, the Virginia Plan and the New Jersey Plan. The Virginia Plan leaned larger states with larger populations and the New Jersey Plan didn’t favor either side, just wanted equality among the states. At the Constitutional Convention, these issues were discussed and debated until they ultimately found a solution, which would be called the Great Compromise. This Compromise saved our constitutional government and saved the states from becoming their own separate governments. Parts from all these plans were used to establish the foundation of our government today.
It all started when the First Continental Congress met for the first time in Philadelphia to discuss the intolerable acts brought upon the colonies by the British. The Intolerable acts were laws forced on the colonies for their actions from the Boston Tea Party (Cummins). These events caused the colonies to boycott British goods until they repealed the acts. Tensions were high between Great Britain and the Colonies, so when the British decided not to repeal the acts, the American Revolution ultimately had begun. The British government denounced that the actions taken by the colonies were acts of rebellion and responded with even stricter acts (History). Immediately after the first battles of the American Revolution in 1775, the se...

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...reating the foundation for our government today.
Our country has gone a long way since breaking our ties with Britain. Breaking away from them ultimately led to war however it also led to us declaring our Independence from them. Also from declaring our Independence, we were able to create the articles of confederations, our first national government. The articles lacked powers and were flawed but nothing is perfect in the beginning, especially something as complex as our government. When amending the Articles of confederation at the Constitutional convention, The Virginia and New Jersey plans as well as the Great Compromise all helped create what is our Constitution today. Both plans gave a little and gave up a little but without these plans, we would have never revised the Articles of Confederations and who knows what our Government would be like today.

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