Video Reaction : Hbo Series Understanding Relapse Essay

Video Reaction : Hbo Series Understanding Relapse Essay

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Video Reaction Paper: HBO Series Understanding Relapse

This episode of HBO’s Addiction series discussed the definition of relapse, what could possibly lead up to relapse, and usefulness of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in relapse prevention. This video also presented individuals who have experience relapse and gave them the opportunity to discuss their experience(s). As a counselor in training and a practicum student at PORT Human Services Opioid Treatment Program, I have heard similar stories; however, hearing stories dating some years back has proven that relapse is more common than not and it is still a struggle for people desiring abstinence from all mood altering substances. Addiction and relapse has been a huge issue for the addiction population and still remains a huge issue.
According to the video “relapse is not a failure of treatment, it’s part of the disorder,” This comment was made during a discussion that compared relapse to medical conditions such as diabetes. At first this statement caught me off guard, but as I continued to listen to the explanation, I began to understand how people can view drug addiction as chronic and a relapsing disease. This was a unique analogy that brought clarification about addiction and relapse. I believe this view can be used as a reframing technique when counseling a client who feels like a failure due to relapse. However, I would first consider the client’s culture beliefs; not all clients have the same views and beliefs of what causes an addiction. I feel counselor should find a balance between acknowledging relapse and encouraging sobriety so a client will be more aware and have a better chance of dealing with relapse should that occur.
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...uld be replaced with more positive and productive behaviors. I find this approach/therapy to be more effective because it can lead to long-term recovery as it used both cognitive and behavioral techniques.
In summary, the HBO Addiction Series episode “Understanding Relapse” was very informative. It gave great insight about relapse and provided real life experience spoken by individuals who experience recovery and relapse. I liked how this episode allowed a diverse group of individual to express their experience of addiction and relapse. With that said, it proves that no one is one-hundred percent protected from addiction and relapse. As I continue to train as a professional substance abuse and clinical counselor, I will use the information learned as a way to empathize with future clients and advocate for equality of services provided to the addiction population.

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