Various Wildfire Supression Techniques Essay

Various Wildfire Supression Techniques Essay

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In American prior to 1910 wildfires were considered part of the natural environment (Weeks 2013). However, according to Weeks (2013) this changed when large fires in Montana and Idaho destroyed large plots of land and left 87 people dead. The suppression techniques used after this point resulted in excessive build up of underbrush which in turn caused larger wildfires (Weeks 2013). As quoted by Weeks (2013) Stephen Pyne, who studies the historical impact of wildfires, says “to remove fire abruptly may be as serious a culture and ecological event as introducing it suddenly” (p 42). In the last century fires known as recurring surface burns have stopped, current fires reach the tree canopy and can destroy mature trees that a century ago would have been left slightly singed (Lenart 2006). It is true that the impact of fire suppression techniques should be taken as seriously as the impact of the wildfire itself when reviewing how to best handle these events.
I grew up in Arizona where large wildfires are an annual occurrence. During late summer the evening news is full of updates on what is occurring during that years “fire season”. When traveling through the state one can easily see where fires have burned as they leave behind many singed treetops and blackened fields. In recent years these fires seem to be increasing and the damage they cause appears to be more severe.
Some transitional sentence here This paper will look at the various wildfire suppression techniques currently used by firefighters and the impact they have on the surrounding environment. The first section will look how climate change is causing a trend of increased wildfire occurrences and intensity. The next section will look at three individual suppression tech...

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...nnually it is likely that this budget will continue to grow. In addition to the financial impact of wildfires, society needs to be conscientious of their surrounding environment. As wildfires increase the side effects caused by suppression efforts will continue to grow.
As discussed in this paper climate change is not only increasing the length of forest fire seasons but it is impacting their intensity as well. Wildfires affect on the environment is extensive and to some extent beyond human control. As they continue to grow their affect on climate change will continue as well which, as discussed previously, will likely result in even more intense wildfires. It is important that fire managers continue to utilize MIST guidelines and take into consideration what is best for their suppression goals as well as the environment when creating plans for wildfire containment.

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