Essay about Various Types of Printers and Their Characteristics

Essay about Various Types of Printers and Their Characteristics

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Back then whenever I need to print my study materials, I will simply just connect my laptop to the printer set aside with a connecting cable. And then all I need is to click the print option, the materials will be printed, simple as that. I always thought that was how easy a printer works. After the second lecture of Information Technology 061, which is about computer hardware, I had learnt that there are various types of printers and each with different characteristics. I had never wondered how does a printer function exactly and what makes each type of printers different from one another.

A printer is an output device that produces texts and graphics on a physical medium such as transparency film, posters and various types of paper. Printers are one of the most used peripherals on computers and are usually used to print photos, images, text and store as hard copy. The printed materials and information are the hard copy which is in a permanent and readable form. There are a wide variety of printing devices available due to different needs of people all around the world. Thus, printers are existed with different speeds, functions, prices and printing methods.

Various Ways of Producing Printed Output
A few years ago, the earliest method people used for printing documents would be the same as me, which is connecting a computer to a printer with a printer cable. The advancement of modern technologies is increasing rapidly throughout the years, providing a variety of printing options such as wireless printing technology and direct printing from a camera. Nowadays, without uploading or downloading the images from a digital camera into files, people also could easily print the images they needed. There are t...

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...nters have a lower printing speed, which is 20 pages per minute (ppm) for black text and 15 ppm for color or graphic (Gary B.Shelly 2005).

Conclusion and Personal View
Through my lecturer detailed explanation about the printers, I had learnt the various types of printers and their characteristics. I had understanding in further about how does a printer functions to create images or characters onto the paper. For example, impact printers functioning by involving the process of striking while nonimpact printers functioning by spraying, laser beam and etcetera. Besides, with my understanding about the printers, I could specify my needs and purchase the printer which is suitable for me. Such as how much is my budget; Do I need a color printer or black and white printer; Do I print directly from memory card or media card; Do I need wireless printing capability.

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