The Value Proposition Of Golf Essay

The Value Proposition Of Golf Essay

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Value Proposition
Golf Course personnel spend a considerable amount of time collecting golf balls from drivings ranges. These workers use machines that can be costly to maintain and purchase. Workers are at risk of being wounded by golf balls. Solarispick is an automated golf ball retriever that is electrically powered. With the ability to be solar powered, Solarispick offers a safe, economical, and green way to collect balls on the driving range. Not only will this product increase the reputation of a golf course, but will also help reduce costs in HR and fuel. Unlike current competitors, our product offers superior design and performance as it is larger, in addition to having the ability of being solar powered.
Interpretation of Consultants Advice
Overall, I believe that the general themes voiced by the consultants came to three points: the need to identify innovators, licensing existing technology, and the potential to pivot away from solar power. The sentiment that I felt from the consultants was that of being excited. This makes me much more confident in going forward with the idea of the automated golf ball picker upper. One consultant, Matt Diteljan, went so far as to write out “awesome, awesome awesome” on our feedback page and later stating that it was his “favourite idea out of anyone”1. This confidence from the consultants is not without some critiques, however.
Though they did like the general principal of our idea, I realized that they were concerned with why golf courses would want to purchase the product. Derek Hassay was “not sure the problem is legitimate” among golf courses needing to move to the automated machine. Others, like Danny Way, were also having difficulty identifying the reason behind golf courses...

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...d are they interested in a licensing deal?
3. What is the cost to produce a MVP and the estimated cost of producing a market ready product?

To answer these questions, we will use our available means. Available means is being able to use existing resources that are available to us to solve our problems (Peschl, 2016). As some members in the group have existing contact in the golf industry we should try to talk to them to hear their opinions. Furthermore, we should cold call golf courses that we do not have connections to. Lastly, to get cost estimates we should get in touch with current contact at the University of Calgary solar team for their guidance.
In summary, our team has the appropriate means to be able to answer questions to further add to our value proposition and be confident that we are solving a problem that is scalable to golf courses in the Americas.

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